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The story of the formation of our contemporary wearable volumes and ornaments is based on biological and personal experiences and is intertwined with my intense interest in the human body and mind . The more or less difficult experiences I experienced in my body and mind led to the formation of my works. In the volumetric nanoart project, I was going through my son's health problems, and then my own health issues started to appear which was a base for the metastasis project. Familiarity with the world of microscopy and nanotechnology, visual research and collection continued until the day I felt my mind was full of abstract patterns and forms. From that point I stopped looking for death, nothingness. I immersed myself in the beauty of patterns and forms, and I concluded that if we take a little distance from our self-importance and look at the subject a little further, regardless of our fears and pains, these forms, and colors, are as beautiful as other volumes and shapes in nature, such as the oceans or galaxies. I started to feel if I keep distance from created prison, fears and pains and look farther to the nature and pay attention what natures provides me with forms and colors I would be free. The studio became a laboratory to achieve the right materials. I broke the barrier of traditional materials for building in volume building and expressed my sense of priority in dealing with the issues. The project from the deep goes back to the beginning of the next period in my work. After surgery and recovery. Insomnia arrived and the short sleep time was filled with images and dreams. One of the recurring dreams that led to this project was an underwater scene that I was drowning, struggling to be alive , and be united as one with under water creatures. They move towards me in the same unfamiliar and complex forms, while I can no longer fear, they sit quietly on my body and cover my whole body. Dreams that fascinated me with its images as well as fear and despair.

What goes on in the human mind and body has always been in the center of my attention. During the bitter experience of my youngest son’s illness, which was later accompanied by my own illness, provided a bed (channel) so that I could turn this great sorrow into a visual presence. In fact, the initial conceptualization and formation of the project came from my acquaintance with these pathogenic cells and cancer colonies. The boundless beauty that lay in this sad experience made me distance myself from my individuality, not seek death and nothingness, and look further from myself and look farther. The beauty of the forms and colors hidden in this natural field was no less than other fields in nature; I discovered similar spaces in the depths of the oceans and even celestial bodies that occupied my mind like a search in the world of microscopy and nanotechnology. The process of such a search continued until my mind was filled with abstract patterns and forms. 

After passing these steps, I wanted to build and embody my ideas. Finding materials that can create contrasting feelings of fear and beauty, I experimented with a variety of natural and synthetic materials. My studio became a laboratory for the right materials. I knew I needed a material with special capabilities, so I crossed the barrier of conventional materials and the simplicity, capability, and flexibility of the material in expressing the senses became a priority. 

The project ... was formed after surgery and during recovery. There was no problem except for medical checkups until the insomnia period started and the short sleep time was full of dreamy and eerie images.

One of the most influential recurring dreams on this series was my dream of drowning in the ocean.  While trying to breath, and struggling for my life, I saw unfamiliar deep-sea creatures moving towards me. While, due to fear that could no longer fight, I saw them covering my body and becoming part of them as one. Fearful and desperate, but fascinated by the magic of these dreams, I woke up and wrote and designed, and this is how the collection in the depths came about.

A volumetric take on the images of Nano-particles




From the Deep

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